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Justice Nizamul Hoque Nasim has resigned.....

Latest Leak: Ministry is preparing judgments for the Tribunal

It has now transpired that the verdict to be delivered by the Tribunal against Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury was prepared in the Ministry of Law and Parliamentary Affairs.A copy of the verdict that is to be delivered today by the International Crimes Tribunal-1

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Exposing corruption at the heart of Bangladesh's judiciary

This website publishes leaked emails, files and documents from leading players behind Bangladesh's International Crimes Tribunal (ICT). They reveal collusion taking place between private individuals and the former Chair of this Tribunal, Justice Nizamul Hoque Nasim. These leaks have been reported in the Wall Street Journal, the Economist and Al-Jazeera amongst others. Human Rights Watch,the Bar Human Rights Committee and other human rights bodies have since questioned the validity of these trials following these revelations. 

The files reveal how Hoque Nasim was bypassing due process and the rule of law by colluding with Ahmed Ziauddin based in Brussels, Rayhan Rashid in Oxford: activists who have campaigned against those accused in the Tribunal. Like Ceaser’s wife, Justice must always be above suspicion. This is blatantly not the case with the ICT.

The Bangladesh government, the 'Tribunal' and its highly placed supporters have tried to prevent this information from going public. They have shown no interest in this breach in the rule of law and have instead focused on the leak itself. Games are being played and the stakes are people’s lives. We cannot remain silent at this travesty unfolding in Bangladesh.

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